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Mysteries of Mesoamerica

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submission guidelines

Pagan Publishing is a small-press publisher of role-playing game materials, specializing in Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu game of Lovecraftian horror. For a look at the specific material we're looking at any given time check our Help Wanted page.


Although you are welcome to submit your work by post, we now encourage electronic submissions via our submission form. Please be patient; new submission evaluation takes a backseat to producing current projects.


Works submitted via our submission form should be saved as RTF files (Rich Text Format); this option is available in most word processors, including Microsoft Word. Only attach one RTF file per form submission; if you have multiple files, use the submission form multiple times.

Works submitted via post should be legibly printed and double-spaced (you may be asked to deliver your file electronically later). Your full name, address, and phone number should be on the first page, along with an accurate word count. Send copies only, never your original manuscript.


Because most of our cover art and illustrations are commissioned specifically for a project, we prefer to view a portfolio or samples of your work so that we can evaluate your general skill and style. Portfolios which demonstrate skill with human figures and facility with horror, military, or historical themes are especially appreciated. If your portfolio is available online, please give us the URL when you contact us via our submission form.

Any attachments submitted via our submission form should be less than 10M. If your files are larger, please send smaller versions for review or provide us with a URL where we can view/download your files or portfolio. All attached graphic files should be saved in one of the following formats: .jpg, .gif, .ng, .tif, or .psd.

Artwork and portfolios submitted via post should be clearly printed in color (you may be asked to deliver your files electronically later). Your full name, address, and phone number should be on the back of each page, along with information about the art. Send copies only, never your originals.


Writing: four cents per word
Color covers: $300-$500 DOE
Interior illustrations: $25 for a quarter-page, $50 for a half-page, and $100 for a full-page

For all publications except for Delta Green branded products payment covers the first 5,000 copies printed and/or electronic copies sold. If the same book is made available in both printed and electronic formats, the quantity of those books printed and those electronic books sold shall be combined to determine the total quantity for purposes of this fee. After that total is surpassed the license fee is incurred again.

Writing for Delta Green publications is different because the Artist/Author is producing work that is derived from previously published Delta Green material. Therefore the Artist/Author must grants to the Delta Green Partnership full rights of derivative use of the new work for the production of future Delta Green products. Derivative Use is the right to prepare, copyright and market new material based on ideas, concepts, images, plot elements and characters from the authors’ or artists’ work. While no further payment is due for the derivative use of the Artist/Author’s work, the Delta Green Partnership will credit the Artist/Author’s work where appropriate. If Pagan Publishing reprints the Author/Artists work beyond 5000 copies, another license fee is incurred.

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