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Mysteries of Mesoamerica

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Pagan Publishing: Dispatches from A-Cell
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Since the early 1990s, Pagan Publishing has been a clearinghouse for talented new writers and artists. Many of the names you see attached to the games and books you love have been associated with Pagan Publishing at some point in the last 15 years. We are proud of the community of talented contributors that has grown around this humble enterprise.

Like many small businesses in recent times, we at Pagan have find ourselves unable to afford the services of the folks we used to rely upon. Many folks have moved on to better paying work and others simply do not have the time to work for us, given the responsibilities of family and career.

And that's why we need you. You are the twisted, the energetic, and the skilled. You have some time and a lot of talent to devote to a continuing legacy of astounding fiction and gaming materials. You'll work for peanuts, but you're worth a lot more to us. In return for your talent and hard work you'll get the opportunity to work with pioneers in the gaming industry and point to your name on subversive and dangerous but beautifully manufactured products on the shelves of your local game or book store. Oh, and of course - there's money. Not a lot of money, but it'll help pay for ammunition.

Layout skills is one of our biggest needs. Our usual batch of layout masters - including a standup comic, our founder John Tynes, and various other co-conspirators and fellow travelers - have now moved beyond our sphere to paying employment that takes all their spare time. So we need layout artists with the following skills and software:
• Adobe InDesign
• Adobe Pagemaker
• Quark Express
• basic image editing

If you’ve got the skills, send your contact information to paganbiz@aol.com

We are always looking for art. For instance...

WANTED: bw/grayscale interior and color cover art depicting the American wild west and WWI for two upcoming books of scenarios.

Send your contact information, ideas, and samples to paganbiz@aol.com

Digital Art
We’ve seen some really nice Photoshopped fan art out there related to the Cthulhu Mythos. Strangely, we have rarely received digitally manipulated artwork submissions. If you have great digital arts skills or if you've developed Mythos photomanipulations, send them in to paganbiz@aol.com.

We need more writers! For instance...

Agents Friendlies and Bronsons

Pagan Publishing is planning a new book, a collection of NPCs to spice up any Keeper's Delta Green game. These NPCs will include Delta Green Agents, Friendlies and enemies of all stripes. Enemies can act as mini-scenarios in themselves, and allied NPCs will help a Keeper when he has to come up with a safe coroner for the Agents to consult, a talented demolitions expert, or a computer security wizard on short notice.

Got any interesting NPCs? Send them in.

Interested writers should contact paganbiz@aol.com.

Any accountants or pro bookkeepers who would be willing to help us file our federal & state taxes for some paltry fee far below the actual worth of your services, please contact us at paganbiz@aol.com

Once upon a time Pagan had a pretty good stable of play-testers to test our role-playing scenarios and games. Over the years we’ve lost track on most of these folks. People got jobs, got married, buggered off to the third world, or disappeared into the howling void. Now, we need new folks to playtest our products. We need people who will playtest the products in a timely fashion and return detailed reports on how the product worked for you. And no, sending back an email saying “It wuz fun!” isn’t going to cut it. If we send you a 10,000 word scenario we expect you to come back to us with a 1,000 word report. If we send you a 100,000 word campaign, we expect reports on each playtest session, not just a wrap up. We want to know what worked as well as what failed. If you’ve got a reliable group of players and can devote the time to writing up a post action report, then contact paganbiz@aol.com.

The Unspeakable Oath
The Unspeakable Oath is our flagship publication, a magazine for Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu role-playing game. There are several different types of material we are in perpetual need of.

SCENARIOS. Each issue of TUO includes one or more Call of Cthulhu gaming scenarios. These should be between 5,000-15,000 words. We are interested in all time periods of the game - 1890s, 1920s, and 1990s. If possible, scenarios should be adaptable to any of these periods. If not, then make an extra effort to fully utilize the time period and cement your story in the atmosphere and history of the time. Other time periods and settings are also sought, if you wish to write about medieval Germany or ancient Egypt or whatever. Scenario submissions should include maps and standard stats for important NPCs and all creatures. We are particularly interested in strong stories with strong characters--no stereotypical mega-villains, please. The Mythos is at its most potent when it affects the lives of individuals, and those individuals (whether villains or victims) should be real to the Keeper and to the player.

ARCANE ARTIFACTS. Strange relics of wizards and other outre entities crop up regularly in scenarios. An Arcane Artifact is an item with a strange/occult/Mythos history and possibly magical powers of some sort. These should be about 500 words. Include the history of the item, a detailed physical description (don't forget approximate size and weight), where it might be found, what powers it might have, and what role it might play in a scenario.

ARTICLES. We have printed articles on a variety of topics, ranging from 1920s asylums to the Mythos fiction of Lin Carter to weapon proficiencies to starting campaigns and much more. Articles vary in length, detail, and scope but 5,000-15,000 words is a good margin to work in. Article submissions should be thorough, creative, and entertaining. A bibliography, if appropriate, is an excellent addition.

THE EYE OF LIGHT & DARKNESS. We are always seeking perceptive and engaging reviews for this column. These should be between 500-1000 words. We focus on Call of Cthulhu releases and related media items. Movies, books, and games in the Lovecraft/horror genre are all appropriate. If you're interested in reviewing something, contact the editor first. The range of potential review subjects is pretty narrow, and chances are someone else is doing it already--so check and make sure.

FICTION. The only fiction we accept always appears on the last page of the issue, under the heading "Message In A Bottle." Such works should be between 500-1000 words long; nothing longer is accepted. The short-shorts that appear here share a common theme: communication. Communication suggests knowledge, awareness, and discovery, and these are the sorts of things that your story should revolve around. They frequently have a twist ending of some sort, or else simply exude a feeling of discomfort or horror. "Message In A Bottle" is intended to cap off each issue in a disturbing and frightening manner, and is very important to the feel of the magazine. We do not accept short stories other than the regular "Message" feature, and have no plans to use such material. Selection of fiction for this section is at the editor's discretion and is wholly subjective--if it turns the editor's crank in some way, it gets printed.

MYSTERIOUS MANUSCRIPTS. Magical and occult tomes are a mainstay of CoC gaming. A Mysterious Manuscript is an original occult tome of your creation for use in the game. These should be between 600-800 words, though up to twice that length is acceptable if it includes new spells, new monsters, and the like. Include info on publishing history (such as different editions and translations), author, age of the book, SAN, Mythos Points, Spell Multiplier, spells in the book, descriptions of new spells or new monsters related to the book, etc. Also include an excerpt from the book, written to reflect the flavor of the work. In the body of the piece, describe the book's history, its contents (especially specific areas of focus in the text--does it address the Dreamlands, or Deep Ones, or what?), physical appearance of the book, and what unusual effects it might have on its readers.

TALES OF TERROR. A Tale of Terror is a short scenario idea. These should be about 500 words. The format is to include an enticing and story-like introduction, much as it would be presented (in longer form) to the players. Then, under a heading of "Possibilities," present 3 different explanations of what is going on. This allows the Keeper to pick and choose, and find ideas for his or her own games. These are fairly simple to write, and depend entirely on your creativity to be effective. Tales of Terror should be short, scary, and to the point.

MISCELLANEOUS. New skills, new spells, new monsters, one-paragraph scenario ideas, interesting NPCs, rules additions--all of this material is desired. Such things will appear in a 'grab-bag' section in each issue, and are meant to inspire Keepers with tidbits he or she can put into their own games. These should be under 300 words.

Help Wanted
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